A Strange Week of WWE TV to Say the Least

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If there is one thing you can’t say about the last two nights of WWE TV – it’s that it’s been predictable. Who would have thought after two shows this week the top stories would be about William Regal pulling the plug on the main event, and an announcer who should have never had the position he had walking out? Like it or not, it’s soap opera TV at its best, and it’s something the WWE felt it had to do to make you want to turn in next week.

For the “true” wrestling fan that turns in to watch moves and action, these two shows have probably not been to your liking this week. The Randy Orton vs Triple H match that was pulled at the end of RAW was going along like no other main event on the show that I’ve seen since last years Shawn Michaels vs John Cena one-hour plus match in London, that easily was the match of the year in my opinion. I will say this though, pulling the plug on it like Regal did left me wanting more, so I can’t blame the WWE too much for that.

We’ll get more of Orton vs HHH at the next PPV in now less than three weeks – Judgement Day. The two will go at it again, this time in a steel cage, the first of many rematches between the two, and I am sure not the last that we’ll see on a PPV scale. While Orton vs HHH is not a totally fresh program, it’s a good enough one to get us through till we see HHH vs John Cena after he gets done shooting the movie “12 Rounds” and what is expected to be a stinker feud with the bland JBL.

On to last night. The “walkout” of ECW announcer Mike Adamle is currently being played as a shoot, but I think in the end it’ll come out as a work. I am not exactly for sure what led to the walkout, but again, the WWE has been known in the past to be on the pulse of the fan base, and if they know that Adamle is that bad (and he is), I would not be shocked to see him get thrown into some other role, and have an emotional return next week of Joey Styles.

The bottom line with Adamle is that it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Right now within the framework of the company he belongs nowhere near an announcer table. Could he pull off play-by-play right now on HEAT? Probably. But to force feed him each week on ECW has been painful, and hopefully the company listens to the fan base that wants him removed from that position. If this was not a work, then I am sure they would have found a way to edit the final match with some sort of commentary. To have it go on with no announcing, only left you scratching your head, which is the effect the WWE wanted with it.

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