Battle Royale & ECW Title Match for Mania a Great Call

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As we learned on ECW last night, the WWE is pushing forth with a 24-man battle royale with talent from all three brands for WM 24, and the winner of that match will take on Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Title at some point during the night. Needless to say, I think this is a great move, and a great way to get the ECW belt on Maina in a meaningful match. It’s going to be very interesting to see what grappler gets the win in the battle royale, and how that person fares in the title match. Smells to me like a great opportunity to get a fresh face on ECW, and for that fresh face to become champion. Here are a few wrestlers that I think could get the win and then win the title that night:

1. Charlie Haas
2. DH Smith
3. Lance Cade
4. Santino Marella
5. Super Crazy
6. Gregory Helms (should he be ready to return, which is still up in the air)
7. Jamie Noble
8. Jimmy Wang Yang
9. Kenny Dykstra
10. Kofi Kingston
11. Stevie Richards
12. Elijah Burke

Out of those 12 wrestlers, the one name that I think could be most interesting is that of Helms, who has a history with Guerrero (he lost the cruiserweight belt to him at one point) and it would be the surprise of his return, possibly as “The Hurricane” that would be a crowd pleaser.

DH Smith may be another one, despite being in the doghouse as of late, it may be time to give him a look, and while I can’t really see him winning the belt, it may be a good twist to see him do well in the battle royale and lose late, or win it and then lose to Chavo setting up a feud.

Jamie Noble I think would also be a solid choice, as his time on SmackDown has been stale as of late, and again, I think he and Chavo would be a solid match with some good back and forth. The one thing I don’t want to see is Big Daddy V, a returning Boogeyman, or someone like Balls Mahoney, who hasn’t been heard from forever, given the win and title match.

The concept of these two matches is a great idea overall, as I think in a four-hour show you have more than enough time for them, and I think at this point the company should add a few more matches, which is why I like the addition of JBL and Finlay, and now this. Less backstage silliness, and more matches will make for a better card in my opinion.

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