ECW Bores Again

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Luckily for ECW the rest of the WWE’s network programing has been sub-par post Mania, so they really shouldn’t be too ashamed of the clunker they had tonight. Dare I say for a brief moment I actually felt there may have been a good show tonight. The first match with the Miz and CM Punk looked like we could have a good night of matches, but even this one ran out of gas. There were some good early exchanges between the two, but as the match went on you could tell they were either tired or just flat out of ideas. CM Punk would win in what could have been solid way to start off the program.

Of course it would fall apart from there. We saw the return of Elijah Burke to the winners roster with a win over Nunzio. Nothing much to be proud about there. Kofi Kingston would win again against Domino. While it keeps his unbeaten streak alive, he still is not facing top competition. I still like what I see out of him, but he really needs to take it up a notch. We also saw Colin Delaney denied again in his attempt to get an ECW contract. In a cruel twist, he had to take on mentor Tommy Dreamer, who would be fired if he lost. Of course Dreamer would win as this underdog story is getting old. In know they actually did sign Delaney, but I really don’t understand why. Trust me this guy will never go over and will be forgotten very soon.

We did get a taste of the ECW title match for Backlash as we had a match signing ceremony. Of course Chavo would use it to put a beating on Kane. With the help of Ryder, Hawkins and a mysterious new enforcer, Chavo gave the frog splash to Kane through a table. This may be the most excitement we see out of these two as I really don’t see a match with them working out. Both are good ring performers, but their contrasting styles will not mix well.


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