ECW Drops the Ball

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One would figure coming off the high that is Wrestler Mania it would produce some great TV. Not in the case of ECW, as it managed to lay a big egg tonight. This should come as no surprise, given its presence at Mania was limited to match that lasted less than 10 seconds. And ECW kept that momentum up tonight with a trio of lack luster matches.

We saw Mike Knox take out Stevie Richards for the second week in a row. I guess this is becoming a rivalry, but does anyone really care about it. The Big Show would crush Colin Delaney in a match that really doesn’t matter. Even the main event featuring tag action with new ECW champ Kane, paired with CM Punk up against Shelton Benjamin and Chavo Guerrero failed to deliver any hope of making this show respectable. By the time the main event rolled around, interest was lost due to the previous dull matches and non stop in ring vignettes and recaps of Raw and Mania.

I know I’ve said this time and time again about ECW, but if they don’t want to even try to make this brand exciting please get rid of the ECW name. Make this program Heat or call it something else, but please for the love of El Puerto Riccano, quit making it seem like it is extreme. If anything it’s extremely boring, but it is nowhere near what the ECW was about. I know the WWE does not to take the risks that were associated with the old ways of ECW, but put some form of extreme into it. There have been decent extremes matches in the past that were not too brutal, so sprinkle more of these into the programming. Also, you can always go extreme with high flyer’s in the ring. You have plenty of great guys like Mysterio, Jimmy Wang Yang, Paul London and many others who could fit the bill on a nightly basis. By making these adjustments they could pump some life into a brand that is dying a slow painful death.


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