FLASHBACK – It’s Official….WrestleMania 24 Heading to Orlando

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The Following was Published One Year Ago Today on Let’s Wrestle

The long awaited announcement about WrestleMania 24 is coming later today, and with it one small surprise. It has been said for quite some time that Mania in 2008 would be held in Orlando, Florida, but what is going to come as a bit of a shock is that the event is going to be outdoors, held at the Citrus Bowl, which can hold over 65,000 fans. It will be the first Mania to be held outdoors since the company did WrestleMania IX in Las Vegas at MGM Grand. The event will be held on March 30th, and looking at the average temps in Orlando at that time of the year, your looking at about 81 for a high, and 58 for a low. Of course one worry is rain, which was a threat the last time the event was held outdoors in Las Vegas, but the company got lucky when the rain held off.

The Orlando Sentinel broke the story about the event being held at the Citrus Bowl on Tuesday, with the president of the Central Florida Sports Commission, John Saboor stating the following: “Bringing the Super Bowl of sports entertainment to our community is something that the City of Orlando and the Central Florida Sports Commission have been building towards for the last six months.” The article states that WrestleMania 24 is expected to generate about $25 million into the local economy, while creating jobs as well. This year’s event is sold out in Detroit, and now it appears with the event being held again in a stadium, that the WWE feels they can sell out a stadium every year, and that is likely why the decision was made to move the event from an arena into a large stadium.



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