Foley Denies Signing with TNA at WWE Licensed Autograph Event

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Mick Foley, who has been the talk of the wrestling community as of late due to the fact he’s supposed to be gone and going to TNA, made a stop in Cleveland today at the Indians baseball game and threw out the first pitch and signed autographs for fans. I made my way through the line and got a chance to speak with Mick on the TNA rumor and what exactly is going on:

Matt: “Mick, so what is true on these rumors of your leaving?”

Foley: “I didn’t even know there were rumors.”

Matt: “Various sites are reporting you are leaving WWE and signing with TNA…is that true?”

Foley: “Who reported that?”

Matt: “It’s all over wrestling sites on the net”

Foley: “Well, I can say that is NOT true, though I may try out a PPV with them.”

So there you have it, a first-hand conversation that while Foley will likely end up in TNA, the deal, according to him, has yet to be inked. At least not yet. Foley’s WWE conract ends on Monday, and today’s appearance at the Indians game was not even promoted on the WWE’s list on their website.

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