Former Crusierweight Champ Charged with Asault

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From: PWInsider

WWE star Gregory Helms was served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear on 7/8 in court to answer charges of assault and battery. The charges were brought against the former WWE Cruiserweight champion by Dustin Narron, who was arrested on 5/6 following an altercation where he struck Helms at the N&N Sports Bar during an argument over who a pool table. Helms was not taken into custody.

According to local media reports earlier this month, Helms was in the midst of an argument with one of Narron’s friends over a pool game when Narron “balled his fist” and struck the former WWE Cruiserweight champion. A scuffle did ensue but was quickly broken up. Narron was released after posting $500 bond. Lt. Keith Powell told the Raleigh News & Observer at the time that Helms was not arrested because he “did not strike back.”



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