Hogan, Family Receive Obscene Threats

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Professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and his family have apparently been receiving some threatening voice messages. TMZ.com reports the Clearwater, Florida Police Department is investigating the matter and believes the messages are from a member of John Graziano’s family. Graziano, a United States Marine, was the passenger in the car Hogan’s son Nick Bollea crashed into a tree last summer. He was a decorated war veteran who served two tours of duty in Iraq.

The accident left Graziano virtually brain dead and sent Bollea to jail. Bollea is serving a eight-month sentence for reckless driving. The “St. Petersburg Times” reports the caller used obscenities to describe Hogan’s wife and daughter and then shifted the focus to Nick, telling Hogan, quote, “Your kid’s going to burn.” The caller then says, quote, “Every marine, every gangsta, every low life, every crack head and every scum bag is going to be looking for you.”

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