Jake Roberts Has Crazy Incident at Indy Show (w/ Video)

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A reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent the following report concerning Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ meltdown at last night’s Firestorm Pro Wrestling show in Lakewood, Ohio:

I just wanna let you guys know, wether you report it or not is up to you. But Jake The Snake Roberts appeared at Phantasy Theater in Lakewood, Ohio this last night for Firestorm Pro Wrestling. Video has even surfaced online. He was booked in the main event to face JT Lightning one on one. As soon as me and my friends arrived there everything was ok. Jake was sitting off in the corner at a little table with pictures of himself selling autographs and taking pictures with the fans. As the night progressed though everything went downhill. It was the 2nd to last match involving a match for firestorms world title. Jake had come out, clearly drunk or drugged up, and grabbed the microphone during that match (completely unscripted as everyone could tell by the owner of firestorm coming out and trying to get Jake to go back in the dressing room. ) Jake was on the mic trying to encourage the guys in the ring, then he started swearing. the second to last match ended and it was time for the main event which was Jake vs Jt Lightning. JT came out, followed by Jake The Snake. Jake grabbed the microphone and at first said he came here to do this for the fans, But he didnt feel like we were giving him the same respect hes giving us. He started talking incoherently, it was obvious he was on something. after about 3 minutes of talking he put the mic down and staggered into the ring. JT attacked him to start the match. . Jake didnt sell one shot, he just backed into the corner and it seemed like he was out of it. JT Lightning clearly got pissed and just pushed Jake to the ground and got on top of him to cover him and just end the match within 30 seconds of the start. Jake was trying to kick up. JT pushed his arms down and the ref just did a 3 count to end the match because Jake was in no shape to wrestle a match. Afterwards JT Lightning grabbed the microphone and said along the lines of “I’ve wrestled with drug addicts like Tommie Rich, Jimmy Snuka but you are by far the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever been in the ring with/” JT was literally shooting on Jake. Jake just stood in the ring and flipped JT off. Another Firestorm wrestler J Rocc came in after that match was over and attempted to give the crowd a show by doing an attack on Jake so the fans wouldnt be as pissed off about the main event lasting a whole 30 seconds. Which Jake also curled in the corner and no sold. That made J rocc mad who then tried to actually fight Jake. A wrestler named Ray Rowe came out and was trying to calm J rocc and JT down as Jake just stood in the middle of the ring flipping people off. Jake then proceded to pull his penis out and shake it in front of the whole crowd. Security and Ray Rowe were trying to keep the peace. The fans were asked to leave as the show had ended with this nonsense. Out in the parking lot about 15 minutes Jake apparently wound up fighting somebody backstage and there was concern that the angry wrestlers were going to gang up on him. At one point there was a bunch of the wrestlers and security out back, one screamed “Its going down. ” in which they all ran inside. Im not sure what happened but I can only speculate that it was a fight involving Jake Roberts. Cops arrived after this along with an ambulance. The ambulance didnt take Jake away, but the police stayed and escorted Jake to a truck where he was given a ride from the building.



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