Jericho Speaks on His Character and More

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Chris Jericho said all great villains such as Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter turn babyface because they’re interesting characters with layers. As such, he expects his character to turn babyface again. “I’ve pretty good so far with not having that happen,” Jericho told Mike Mooneyham of

“But in another six months or so it might change unless I can think of something else and another way to get under people’s skin. It’s a lot easier to make people hate you than it is to make them really, really like you. And usually, to make them really, really like you, they have to hate you first. That’s the cool thing about wrestling. You can play a character like this and go through the spin cycle. As long as they’re interested in the character, it really doesn’t matter to me.” To read the full story, visit



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