Money in the Ring, Not Money in the Bank

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Perhaps the most talked about match on the Wrestle Mania card, at least in the main stream media, will be the Big Show against Floyd “Money” Mayweather. There is no doubt the WWE is getting the publicity it wanted by booking this match. The question is, have they bitten of more than they can chew with Mayweather and his posse’s antics. Is it odd the have been conspicuously absent so far this week from Raw or ECW? After last weeks antics the WWE is probably thankful it has not erupted into a full fledged brawl and are most likely doing everything in their power to make sure it goes off without a hitch at Mania.

As for the participants it definitely has put the Big Show back in every-ones mind. What a way to come back to the fold, by being the participant in the third biggest match and most talked about all around. This is great for the Big Show as he now is back to being a main eventer and has the chance to make a name for himself at Mania. I see him winning this one as Mayweather now has taken over the heel role with his attitude. If he does well he could see himself as the one to fill the void as number one contender in Cena’s absence for filming. Personally I’m glad for the Show, as I felt he was performing some of his best matches before he left. Now that he has dropped a significant amount of weight he should turn into the big star the WWE thought he would be when they first signed him. No doubt he can turn this match into something major if he can pull it off.

They main concern of this match comes courtesy of Mayweather. First off, before all the controversy of the weigh in, I was concerned due to his celebrity status. As Pat Paterson said on this months addition of Legends of Wrestling on WWE 24/7, celebrities don’t get the wrestling business. Due to this their performances in the past have for the most part been weak. Other than Pete Rose and Lawrence Taylor, who trained with Bam Bam Bigalo, all other times have been dull. With no formal ring training and the size differential of the participants it did not look like Mayweather could pull this off. Now add into the mix the clash of the egos of the wrestlers and Mayweather’s crew, there is a large potential for disaster. If anyone of Mayweathers crew, or himself try to push to hard to establish themselves as tough guys, it could lead to the locker room emptying and a full scale brawl center stage at the Citrus Bowl. You know the WWE is working big time to diffuse any trouble that may arise. I wouldn’t be surprise if they limit the size of Mayweather’s entourage backstage and even ban them from ringside just to keep the peace. I doubt this will erupt into any trouble, but I feel we’re in for a clunker here.


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