Punks Speaks on Being Straight-Edge, Avoiding Painkillers

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Below are some highlights from an interview with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, done by Chicago Magazine at ChicagoMag.com:

Q: Why did you decide to go straight edge?
A: My dad had a bit of a drinking problem, and drinking was something that I just didn’t want to do.

Q: So you don’t take drugs of any kind? Not even caffeine?
A: I’ve been known to have a cup of coffee. To me, it’s an interesting debate: Where do you draw the line? I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do mind-altering drugs, don’t do steroids or take painkillers. I don’t have promiscuous sex.

Q: How can you not take painkillers?
A: I take a lot of naps.

Q: Your signature move is called Welcome to Chicago, Mother******? What is it?
A: A Kill Hannah song. I saw them play at Metro a while ago. I thought, That’s Chicago to me; that’s the essence of the city. I chicken-wing some poor sucker’s arm, lift him in the air, turn him, and drop him on my knee.

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