Jake “The Snake” Says He’d Like to Die in the Ring

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From: Seascoops.com

Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun interviewed Jake Roberts this week. Jake says he hopes he dies in the ring because he doesn’t expect to ever retire from wrestling. “Going out in front of people always feels good. It’s sad that in reality, you cannot go out there and do the same things you could do 25 years ago – and neither do I wish to. I’ll never retire. It’s my passion. I hope to die in that ring.” Roberts added that many of his peers died because they gave up on life once their wrestling career was over. “I’m still here because God wants me to be here. I’m still here because Vince McMahon helped me to still be here.”

Roberts says he wants to contribute to wrestling on the creative side, but he doesn’t think he would be able to hold up over the long-haul with his ideas tweaked by others. “I have a tremendous amount to give yet. How I’m going to give it, I don’t know. Because I’m not sure at this stage of my sobriety if I would be strong enough to accept the changes and the enhancements that they would put on what I write.”

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