RAW: Cena Hurt; Status Updated Later Today

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The WWE will hold its collective breath today as champion John Cena will be undergoing an MRI after a major injury in the main event of RAW on Monday night here in Cleveland. Reports are going around that it is believed that Cena suffered a torn right pec muscle during his main event match with Ken Kennedy. Being the competitor that Cena is, he was able to gut out the match, and even take the post-match beating from Randy Orton to further push Sunday’s main event “Last Man Standing” match at No Mercy in Rosemont.

The current vibe for Sunday was that Cena was going to beat Orton, and move on to another feud. Now with this possible development, there is no clear idea where the angle will go. If Cena is going to have to miss a large amount of time, or even 2-3 months for that matter, then they will have to move the belt, no question. The obvious choice is for Orton to win in some sort of gimmick angle on Sunday to put Cena on the shelf for awhile, or if Orton can work the match depending on his status, then they possibly could hot shot the belt onto someone else Monday night at RAW.

If it’s not Orton, then who? My few guesses would be Ken Kennedy, who lost to Cena last night, Triple H, which I think they would avoid to do that slow build to get him the strap back, how about the ultimate swerve and Chris Jericho, who is rumored to be making his return on Sunday? Another possible selection could be Umaga, who made his return last night and has been in the main event type of mix since his WrestleMania program with Bobby Lashley.

The remainder of RAW was a build to No Mercy, with the angle with HHH and Umaga moving forward, as well as the woman’s title angle with Beth Phoenix and Candice Michelle (PLEASE GET RID OF THAT MUSIC). Looks to me that Bob Holly and Cody Rhodes will eventually kiss and make up and be a tag team from the tease from last night, and more comedy from Hornswoggle and Melina, which keeps us remembering each time that they don’t want to forget that it’s all in just and we can’t get too serious at any point and time.


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