Raw Smells of Ass

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Tonight was supposed to be the big Kiss My Ass Club induction of Hornswoggle, but instead the show reeked of ass instead. I mean there was nothing of interest except the big six man tag match featuring most of the elimination chamber members, minus Triple H, but plus Snitsky. I know, what a fair trade off. It started off with HBK making a speech about how he was going to win at No Way Out and main event Mania. Of course everybody involved with the match had to come out and interrupt and give their two cents. This of course lead to a big old fracas and William Regal needing to come out and put a stop to all of it by creating a match. And so it would be with HBK, Y2J and Jeff Hardy against JBL, Umanga and everyone’s favorite Snitsky. There was plenty of action in this match as each participant was allowed a brief moment to shine with their finishing move. Of course the good guys won with Hardy pinning Snitsky. I just wonder if there is some type of plan for Snitsky, as he keeps finding himself with the big boys as of late. I’m not sure what, of if anyone would care, but it seems odd that he always is involved with these big matches.

Now onto the rest of the show in descending order of importance and entertainment value. Santino and Carlito are making a good name for themselves and had a decent win over London and Kendrick. Anytime you can have a good match with the electric London/Kendrick duo you know you had a decent nights work. Of course Santino and Carlito now find themselves as the number one contenders for the belts, and made that know after Holly and Rhodes beat the new look Cade and Murdoch. Speaking of which, what the hell were they wearing. Cade looks like he was wearing a shrunken version of Rick Flairs robe, while Murdoch I think found one of Edge’s old trench coats and cut the sleeves off. Not very redneck guys, I think it’s best if you go back to your old look.

Mickie James and Kelly Kelly had a bid win over Beth Phoenix and Victoria. This one was a good morale booster for James as she gets a win finally on Raw. To bad if was not with a pin over adversary Phoenix, but there was plenty of taunting at the end of the match. Will James get her shot at the title, especially now with Candice coming back? This should be interesting as all three ladies are great competitors in the ring. Though I think you have to go with James for now as she has the momentum on her side. And yes readers just in case you though I forgot, still nothing from Mickie on my attempts to get a date with her. But just like her efforts that past weeks in the ring I will not give up in the face of defeat. Or should I say in the face of embarrassment now for me.

Of course we had a good exchange with Orton and Cena to open the show ending in an RKO for Cena, but that arm wrestling gimmick with Mark Henry was horrible. First off guys use the table the right way. The cups are for your elbows and the pads are where you slam the hand down. I will say I’m impressed with the FU on Henry, but Cena has shown his strength in the past by doing this move on Khali,much like tonight, with little or no assistance from the receiver of the move.

We also had a bit of comedy tonight as instead of kissing his Dad’s ass, Hornswoggle ended up biting the posterior of the Chairman. Not sure how much more this gig has left as it’s starting to get old. We at least get one more shot at it next week with Vince taking on Hornswoggle in a no DQ match. Should be interesting to see if Finlay comes to the aid of his little buddy , especially since Vince said he will be fired if he does.

And finally Super Crazy taps out to Kennedy. How could you break our hearts Super Crazy? O wait, he can’t break our hearts, because no one cares about Super Crazy.


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