Report: Top WWE RAW Star Set to be Suspended

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The Following from PWInsider: The word going around at Raw last night is that the suspension of a top name will be coming today. If/when it happens, we will have the full story here on the site.

Now to throw this out there and for it not to happen is pretty extreme, so I would expect it to be true. A couple of names come to mind, and of course this IS JUST A GUESS – so please do not publish this as truth, but when you hear “top name” – you think of the following: Triple H (no way), John Cena (also, no way), Randy Orton (has had issues before), JBL (don’t think so), Jeff Hardy (let’s hope not for his sake), Chris Jericho (never been known to have issues), Shawn Michaels (also would be a surprise at this point), William Regal (would be a big letdown at this point with his push), Umaga (this I can see, which is sad).

We of course will monitor and get the result of who it is up as soon as possible along with feedback and the story as soon as we get it.


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