The curse of the ECW gold

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When will the ECW champ ever be involved in any interesting story lines. I swear, this belt is a curse. Punk now gets involved with Chavo Guerrero. Chavo Guerreo, people give me a break. They had a good thing going with Miz, Morrison and Big Daddy V, and we put it on hold for Chavo. Why must the ECW champ be punished. If Punk is to become a big star in the WWE, he needs better competition than this. This belt only brings down the careers of those who touch it. Look at past champs: Rob Van Dam, a Punk clone, big potential, now out of the WWE; The Big Show, retires after probably the best wrestling he has ever done in his life; Bobby Lashley, who?, O yeah Black Lesner; Johnny Nitro, stuck now in a tag team story line that does nothing to his career. Will Punk now fall into this trap. Heck, even I have surcomed to the curse. Since having my picture taken with the belt at Mania last year nothing good has come to me. Stuck in a low paying job, despite a college degree, had to move out of my original place of lodging, still single after my girlfriend left me to become a missionary in Africa, and my radiator just blew on my car. Run as far as you can from this belt Punk, it will only bring you doom.

It was great to see my new favs tonight, Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore. They had their 15 minutes of fame and ended up in a tie against the champs, Miz and Morrison. Again Yang and Moore brought it big time with a cache of high flying moves. These guys remind me of the Hardies when they started. I hope they continue to push them and give them the belts. This way Miz and Morrison hopefully can return to a program with Punk, and save all their stock by returning to some high profile matches for the belt. Plus there are plenty of good tag teams on Smack Down, that keeping fresh challengers for Yang and Moore would not be hard to find. How about bringing back London and Kendrick, and put them in a TLC match with Moore and Yang, Ryder and Hawkins, and Jesse and Festus. That would be a huge push for all these guys and I think it would be a great match.


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