The Undertakers Last Hurrah

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In what could be the last of the Undertaker on Smack Down we saw a very special Cutting Edge segment to preview the upcoming TLC match at One Night Stand. Edge had one of his famous movie previews playing showing how he would remove the undertaker from Smack Down and the WWE before having his guest on. When the Tacker got to the ring the Guerrero Familia appeared with a casket to bury the Undertaker. This was only partially successful as once they got him in it the lights went out and he appeared in the ring with Edge. The rated R Superstar was able to escape but Tacker gave Edge an example of what will happen on Sunday by slamming one of the Edge Heads through a table. This was not a bad way to get things stated for Sunday in what is becoming a very old story line.

Batista made his intentions know that he wants a shot at the title after Sunday, but Vickie would not have him dictating who gets what on her show. So to punish him she made a match of Hawkins and Ryder against Batista and anyone who would tag with him. Well the big Show took up the offer and the two destroyed the Edge Heads very nicely. Baring the draft you have to see Batista getting another shot at the belt. The problem is it would be against the Undertaker who he has faced just recently. So I’m not so sure he will find himself in the mix. Also when will the Big Show finally find a decent program to be in involved with. I feel he will face Kane for the
ECW title, but they still have not decided if he will be a face or a heel, which is only hurting his chances of doing anything big

We had another Elijah Burke sighting tonight as he took on Matt Hardy. Of course Burke lost as he seems to do nowadays, but is he getting a push again or was this just a filler match. Remember when Burke was the future of ECW and the WWE. Well those days are long gone and he really needs to establish himself soon. You know your not making any fans when they keep you off ECW for Mike Knox matches.

Speaking of those who have fallen off the charts. We saw Shannon Moore up against Vladimir Kozlov and fall victim to the Russian’s win streak. Is this the end of Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang. I really though those two would be tag champs by now as their matches were always fantastic. It’s just another missed opportunity by the WWE to develop a tag division if they kill off these two. I really would hate for that to happen as I know there can be some exciting matches with them in the future and they can help to spice up the pay per view cards that fail to get 4-5 decent matches nowadays.

John Morrison took on Cm Punk in a match that should be on ECW. I know Morrison has the Smack Down tag belt but this was singles competition. If you want to make ECW a watchable brand then please keep the small amount of talent the show has on the show itself. Stop with the Miz and Morrison as tag champs and putting CM Punk on Smack Down every night. Yes the cross promoting of the brand is fine as it helps both rosters, but we need ECW’s best on ECW alone.

In a nice fuller match MVP took out Jamie Noble in match put together due to Noble insulting MVP by saying he was unsure of himself. The other fill saw Finlay rematch Chuck Palumbo. The match itself was not to bad as they kept the comedy of Hornswoogle out of it and let these two brawl. Despite the decent showing by Palumbo he further lost credibility in my eyes with his stupid hat and attempt to be a Slash lookalike. Chuck give it up, you are not going over on this round in the WWE and most likely you never will.

The ladies did give me a surprise tonight as Michell McCool took on Maryse. I know McCool has been decent in the ring, but Maryse surprised me with her abilities. I really like the fact most of the Diva’s are really improving their ring skill to show they are more than pretty faces. This only legitimizes the women’s division and allows us to have decent matches with our eye candy.


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