Was This Crazy London Storyline Supposed to Happen?

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From: The Bleacher Report

This may come as a shock to some, but not to others: Many people on this site and around the world do not know Paul London has been released.

Many superstars over the years have been part of the creative team, which London was a part of. He had been doing well on the WWE’s creative team, but still he was sacked.

But many people don’t know that London was going to be part of one of the biggest storylines in the last couple years until tragedy struck.

Remember when Vince McMahon entered his limousine and it exploded?

London smiled while Vince, accompanied by superstar wrestlers, walked through the lobby to his limousine, because Paul London was supposed to be the doer. This would leave London as the enemy of the WWE, putting him up against Shane McMahon and having him come out on top.
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He would try and take Stephanie McMahon out, which would inevitably cause a feud with Triple H. London possibly would win the WWE title from the current title holder and catapult to the top of RAW.

Paul London would be the man that took out the McMahons, which would be something people would never expect, but obviously Vince would claim he exited the limousine before the explosion and fire London.

London would later return to ECW or SmackDown.

The Benoit tragedy halted this storyline, however.

Stephanie appeared crying about her father’s death and Shane vowed to find out who did it.

Chris Benoit did not show up on the Saturday before the Night of Champions PPV. Benoit had killed his wife and child, and then hung himself.

The Night of Champions had CM Punk against John Morrison, with Morrison coming out as winner. CM Punk was supposed to lose and feud with Benoit, but instead Vince McMahon appeared on WWE RAW and told the wrestling world that Benoit had died, therefore, the London storyline never picked up.

Some people believe that London’s smile was a mistake, which Jerry Lawler first pointed out during a Live RAW, but it could only be considered a mistake if it wasn’t going to happen.

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