WWE’s Top 10 of 2007

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– With 2007 coming to a close and this being the last report of the year, I thought it would be good to do a little “Stories of the Year” top 10 list – so here we go:

1. Chris Benoit Double Murder/Suicide – Could be the biggest story in the history of the sport. Shook the foundation of how things in wrestling are looked at, and still today hard to fathom.

2. Main Eventers Injured – The list is alarming: Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, Shawn Michaels, John Cena. No star was bigger than Cena, as the company was able to overcome each of the other injuries without much of a hitch, but Cena’s injury really changed things. It was good to see him on the Tribute to the Troops show this last week, and in the end maybe the injury in the long run will be a refresher for his character.

3 . WrestleMania 23 Sells out Ford Field
– While the event lacked the man who helped sell out the Silverdome 20 years ago, Hulk Hogan, the event was still memorable for all the right reasons. Two great main events with Cena vs Michales and Batista vs Undertaker, and the Money in the Bank was memorable as well. A great card overall and a great venue.

4. ECW all but Dead – Like it or not, ECW of today is not even close to that of last year, when you at least at RVD, Sabu, Sandman and a few others that were originals. Now you have top guys like C.M. Punk, John Morrison, Big Daddy V, and Mark Henry. Change is not always good.

5. The Vince McMahon Death Angle – It was a shock angle that was scrapped when the Benoit murders/suicide took place. It was a distasteful angle anyway, and some thought it was fate that a real life wrestling death took place while a fake one was going on.

6. The Rise of Jeff Hardy – For years many thought that Hardy had what it took, but his out of the ring issues always seemed to hold him back. Plus many questioned his true dedication to the sport long term. Now he seems as focused as ever, and it’s paying off.

7. The New Substance Suspension System – Back in August the company made waves when they suspended 10 guys, including big names like Jeff Hardy, Booker T., Umaga and others. It made an impact that hopefully these guys will finally get it.

8. Mr.McMahon’s “son” – Yes, a pretty interesting storyline till the end, when the kid ended up being Hornswoggle, the pal under the ring of Finely. Since then, he has had a big role on TV, playing a big part in making McMahon’s as well as Coach’s life tough. The storyline should have belonged to Mr.Kennedy, but he blew it by not stepping up.

9. RVD and Booker T. Say Good-Bye – Two great long-time WWE guys decided that they had enough, and took the high road out. RVD did come back for the RAW 15th Anniversary show, but don’t expect a full-time return. As for Booker, he’s now in TNA.

10. RAW 15th Anniversary – A mega show that turned out to be better than the Armageddon PPV that took place six days later. It was great to see some of the old stars, and while the show went three hours, it seemed like with all the great highlights and what went into the show, it could easily have went longer.

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