WrestleMania 25 Plans Already in the Works

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From: WrestleScoop.com

WWE has already started thinking about what they want to do for next year’s WrestleMania in Houston. For the event, WWE is looking to do either a Triple H vs. Undertaker match or Edge vs. Triple H match. Either match would be for the WWE Championship.

One qualm with the Triple H vs. Undertaker match is that most everyone would know the result to Taker’s undefeated streak. However, Undertaker would be fine with losing as he’ll do whatever Vince McMahon feels is right for business. McMahon goes back and forth on whether the streak should end.

In some little known trivia, there were plans for either Batista or Edge to end the streak at one point. Also, Mark Henry was actually briefly scheduled to defeat Undertaker in their Casket match at WrestleMania 22.

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