WWE Set to Bring in Jackass Crew for Summerslam

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Already on the front burner for the WWE is the upcoming mega-summer event, Summerslam, which will take place in late August in New Jersey. The company actually already ran a commercial for the event this past Monday night on RAW, with an interesting voice over stating that this year’s biggest summer party is going to be crashed. Well, the “crashing” may be by some Hollywood celebs, or at least B-hollywood celebs, as reports say there will be some heavy involvement this year by a group of stars from the MTV show and movie “Jackass.”

Word leaked yesterday that Steve-O (Steven Gilchrist Glover) and a few other performers on the show will be at Summerslam in a wrestling role. Steve-O posted the following on his MySpace page on Tuesday that basically gave away that he will be involved in the summer PPV:


“Message From Tampa

I really wasn’t that bad last night, well, that’s not true. I did a great job shooting my new WWE commercial to promote the WWE Pay Per View Summer Slam, but
then everyone got all sorts of uptight as a result of me running around trying to get famous wrestlers to choke me unconscious for my Paparazzi Stuntman dvd (plenty of them were ready to do it, including Umaga, but the suits derailed me). I got a funny call from LA saying, “why are we getting calls that the main event of their WWE Summer Slam may be called off because of you’re behaving so badly?” (The whole cast of jackass, minus Weeman, will be in a huge match for the main event). Not bothering with bathrooms had something to do with it to. Now, this is after I missed my flight that they bought me first class tickets on, and had to change. So, I get to the airport for the new flight and the guy tells me he can’t give me a boarding pass, because I’m on a “no fly” list (because of that time that I lit three cigarettes on one of their planes and had to pay nineteen thousand dollar fine, knocked down from 25 by my lawyers). So, instead of sitting in first class on a direct flight to Tampa (they got me first class again for the new flight), I went over to American to buy tickets to Tampa– I flew coach, and had to connect in Miami, and pay for it myself. Sometimes I just have to laugh at what an idiot I can be. I can be a real f***in idiot.

Love you all, Steve-O”

Word is indeed the WWE was very upset about what Steve wrote above, and he is not lying when he said that the match was close to called off, but as of right now, the match remains on. What angle they will do is up in the air, but don’t forget there was previous interaction with Steve-O and another Jackass actor on RAW in the past with Umaga, who took out the stunt man and gave him a splash off the top rope. Of course that was also botched, as Steve-O no sold the move. This is an interesting move by the WWE, as with the impending return of HHH for Summerslam, you would think that he would be the main focus, not a bunch of B-list actors. And to give non-wrestlers the main event is always a risk, one that the company has been lucky to skate by with in the past with and actor like Mr.T and a football player like Lawrence Taylor.

The vibe of the company has been a bit down the last few weeks with two somewhat weak PPV’s and now a draft this Monday that is going to try and shake things up. You get a sense right now that they are trying to once again push some buttons, like they did with Donald Trump at WrestleMania, to try and get back in the mainstream media. How bringing in these types of stunt men will do that is a mystery, but it appears if all is true above, it’s going to happen, like it or not.


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