Another Survivor Series Match Now Official

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We have another official match for Sunday’s Survivor Series, as Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly will take on Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade for the RAW Tag Straps. The match came about as the company used their website Thrusday to show a three-way that Rhodes and Holly won to earn the title shot. The premise of Rhodes and Holly is that they were opponents at first, but then fell in love and live happily ever after (okay, that’s a joke), but then found respect for each other and now are a team. Holly is very good in this role, and as for Rhodes, he’s still very green, so putting him with someone like Holly is only going to help him long term. With that said, I highly doubt that they will win the straps Sunday, that is unless they want to break up Cade and Murdoch like they have been teasing with Mickie having this gross-out cruch on Trevor. Of course I’ll predict right now that James turns on Trevor and runs off with Cade before it’s all said and done.


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