Backstage Update on Ron Killings; Shelton Benjamin

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Partial source: WO Radio

The feeling within WWE is that Ron “R-Truth” Killings is pretty much protected right now because it is a big deal within the company to have a big African American star right now and it seems Killings is “the chosen one” as one source described it. WWE officials love the gimmick, especially the rapping that he is now doing and are pushing him to really interact with the crowd and get over as much as possible. The feeling is that they’re not getting the minority viewers like they want to and are doing whatever it takes to change that.

Shelton Benjamin was thought of to be the top star at one point but they realized he wouldn’t be the one and decided to run with Killings. For those who have asked, there is no heat on Killings for leaving the company before and joining TNA and he is said to be getting along with everyone.

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