Does Kane Someday Belong in the Hall of Fame?

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Last night during the main event of RAW between Batista and Kane JSX and I had a rather spirited discussion about the WWE Hall of Fame and some of the “fringe” wrestlers that do or do not belong in it. The one name that always comes up in my mind about if he should make it or not eventually is Kane. Yes, the Big Red Machine has had quite a WWE run, way back from WrestleMania 14 when he first fought his brother the Undertaker.

Kane has also undergone quite a change from his time under the mask to now, as he’s now simply unmasked and bald, as compared to back in the day. He’s also been a heel and face about 50 times each, and I guess now fans are supposed to boo him again for his dirty deeds done to Rey Mysterio and last night to Batista.

I personally would put him in. He’s the overall best rival that Taker has ever had, and had two solid WrestleMania matches (14 and 20) against him. He has fought just about everyone, and while I doubt we’ll ever see another major title around his waist again, he did hold the WWE Title for one day when he bested Steve Austin at the King of the Ring on the same night Taker threw Mick Foley off the top of the cage.

He also has had the IC belts, Tag belts, and ECW title on a few different spots. He’s always in some sort of main event mix, and has never had any issues with the company (at least none that have ever really come to light) like suspensions or walk outs like some other major stars. He’s been a solid talent for the past 12 years, and the Kane character will always have a place in the company.

Kane in the Hall? Someday a sure thing.

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