Rey Mysterio and How Things Stand With Him

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Even though the issues between Rey Mysterio and WWE may or may not have been worked out yet, he is not leaving WWE although at one point he was on the verge of doing so. The whole Mysterio situation was a big deal within WWE a week ago with the fear that he would leave but it’s all considered settled now. Mysterio has brought up to WWE the idea that he thinks he can make more money in Mexico. Rey has been making somewhere in the $1.5 million range with WWE over the past few years and might not be able to pull that in Mexico. Supposedly the AAA promotion in Mexico had offered him a $1 million signing bonus and in excess of $1 million per year back when he was on the open market.

Mysterio is likely in the group of WWE talents who are probably down 15% on their pay because the revenue streams used to pay those talents are down 15% although the decline in WrestleMania revenue from last year is significantly less than the overall business, about 8%, and WrestleMania pay is a big part of the talents annual income.

Right now Mysterio is happy about where things are going with him in the future and happy with the Chris Jericho angle. He also was pleased with how everything went down this past week in the storylines. One thing that might come up in the future is the fact that Rey wants to take advantage of his huge popularity in Mexico. Rey wants to monetize his popularity there. doing mainstream media appearances and getting product endorsements like a Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan would in this country. These are avenues that wouldn’t be available to wrestlers here in the United States but those in Mexico say Mysterio could get them there.



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