More Cuts Coming in the WWE?

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A number of WWE employees besides the wrestlers are worried about their job security. Some of the road agents are concerned that cuts could be coming their way, not to mention that some of the creative team members believe they’re not immune to the budget cuts. WWE recently altered the schedule for referees to cut down on the number of them being used in order to save money.

Additionally, Vince McMahon has been to known to threaten creative team members by saying changes could be coming when he feels he doesn’t have their full attention. McMahon recently made one of those threats, which put some of the writers on edge. One source added that he doesn’t want to see anyone lose their job, but felt the company could do without some of the agents. The source said, “Let’s be honest, if everyone in the room says yes, how many agents do you really need?” He also added that most of them have a “yes men” reputation.



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