Edge Done Gone Crazy

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Tonight Edge showed how far he has really gone off the deep end as the night was filled with his lunatic rants at Vickie. Originally Vickie locked herself in her office for fear of what Edge may do to her. Victoria was there to comfort her but Edge intercepted the two as Vickie tried to leave the arena. This lead to Edge taking Vickie on wild ride around the arena culminating in the two “reminiscing” about old times at ring side. In his madman state Edge forced Vickie to apologize for what she did to the Undertaker. Edge would also decree the match at Summer Slam would be “till death due us part”. With this set up you have to figure this will be a blood fest in Indy and one of the memorable Hell in the Cells. I thought they would have worked the Undertaker into the show tonight but I love the fact they did not go this route. This only builds more anticipation for the match as we have not seen the Undertaker since he was banned.

Jeff Hardy got the screw job again tonight courtesy of MVP. In a title match for the US belt that seemed like a victory was ruined again by MVP’s interfernce. These two will be able to sort things out on Sunday, but you have to question if Shelton Benjamin will find himself in the mix. First he has the US belt and second he has had two good matches with Hardy recently. If the WWE really wants him to raise his game there would be no better test right now for him than a program with Hardy. I eluded to these three being linked together last week and with the results tonight it looks like a done deal. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Benjamin finds himself involved some how at Summer Slam.

Other Summer Slam hype featured Triple H and Khali getting into a little spat after H made short order of Kenny Dykstra. Yes you heard me right, Kenny still lives. The little run in saw Triple H try to give Kahli the pedigree but had to settle for just knocking him out of the ring. With the action last week combined with the run in today we really have seen all this match can offer. So the question is why watch it Sunday? This has to be in the top five for worst booked WWE title matches ever.

We saw another Divas tag match that saw the heels win this time with Natalia pinning Michelle McCool. We also saw Maryse and Maria in action but their was really nothing special about this match. The Big Show continued his irrelevancy tonight by beating Ryan Braddock. Nothing like going from one of the main events at Mania to taking on new talent in the span of six months. I really hope the Show gets a good program soon as they are really wasting his talent. Morrison Light, aka Brain Kendrick also beat another newcomer in Scotty Goldman. And Victor Kozlov beat Festus. When will we see Kendrick and Kozlov so we can have a match of guys we will not be hearing from at this time next year. Both of these guys are getting decent pushes but we already have wrestles like them the company in Morrison and Snitsky. I really don’t see much to come of these pushes and really seeing both guys fading by the new year.


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