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Dwayne Johnson jumps back into Hollywood’s name game
A modified moniker is often part of a new image

By Rachel Abramowitz, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 18, 2008

Here’s a news flash: The Rock is no more. It’s not even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson but merely Dwayne Johnson, plain vanilla, regular guy, would-be action-hero for the text-message set.

For us mere mortals, it’s always slightly mystifying to watch celebrities and their names mutate. Madonna Ciccone to Madonna. Fabio Lanzoni to Fabio. Prince Rogers Nelson to Prince to The Artist formerly known as Prince to the unruly acronym TAFKAP.

And let’s not forget Sean Combs, who seems to shuffle his handle with each new business incarnation. Just last week, he posted a bizarre video on You Tube, explaining that despite rumors to the contrary, he hadn’t changed his name . . . again. Staring at the camera, he ranted, “But if I wanted to I could call myself anything I want because I have lived this life . . . By the way, I’m rich. . . . I would say that to any of my names.”

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