Punked Again

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So next week we get to see CM Punk take on Chavo for the ECW title. What an original idea guys, it’s not like we have seen this match before. This match came about due to Punk getting the number one contender-ship via a three way dance with Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke. You all remember Elijah, he’s that guys that has barely been on ECW over the past few months, but some how is considered a number one contender. Same could be said for Benjamin, who really hasn’t faced anyone since coming over to ECW. But with Miz and Morrison and Big Daddy V playing over on Smack Down there really isn’t much left in ECW, now is there. So I guess these three are your top contenders. Not shocked to see Punk win, but will this feud carry over to Mania? Before Cena returned I would have said no. But now Jeff Hardy is not in the main event, but Money in the Bank instead, and I’m not sure if Punk will participate in that match. I originally felt he would win MITB, but I have to feel Hardy will take it. If there is a ECW match at Mania most likely it will be Chavo/Punk. Benjamin and Punk would be better, but we have Shelton in MITB.

As far as the match tonight there were some amazing moves, Benjamin’s leap to the top rope to slam Burke being the highlight, but it really lacked pace. What should have been an amazing match was just so so, only because of some of the top moves. The end was pretty dull as it had Benjamin leaving the ring for some reason after stunning Burke. Then Punk capitalized with the GTS and won. I just wonder if and how Punk will move off ECW , or if he will forever stay there. Right now he is the only thing ECW has going and I really think that is hurting his chances of moving onto something better.

Kelly Kelly and Kofi Kingston took on Layla and Santino Marella in mixed tag action for some reason tonight. Kelly and Kingston would win, but nothing else really could be said for this match. Kelly Kelly looked bad again in the ring and I’m still not sure why they are pushing her this way. She has enough looks to get by on that alone, so why not wait until she develops more of a ring presence until we push her in action on TV. I was also disappointed in not seeing more out of Kingston. Marella offered him a decent opponent to show what he has in the ring, but they did not have enough interaction in my opinion. The jury is still out on Kingston to see if he is the real deal, or just another name passing through the WWE on his way back to the indy circuit.

The plot thickens some more as Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney win tonight against Miz and Morrison. Too bad it was not for the belts as this result would have served everyone well. Of course it will be next time, but I’m nor sure if Dreamer and Delaney win again. Anyone who reads these posts regularly know I want the belts off Miz and Morrison so they can return to singles competition. And titles for both Dreamer and Delaney would put them in the spotlight and boost both their careers. Dreamer has done nothing since ECW was relaunched and I don’t see Delaney doing much, so tag belts would really make them semi significant.


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