RAW 5/7

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The WWE seems to be in panic mode right now, and that opinon is based on what was one of the more stranger RAW broadcasts that the company has put on in sometime. They are now is rush mode, with a bizarre main event planned for Judgement Day with a champion and a monster that has been hailed as the worst wrestler on the roster.

Then we have the decision to give the Money in the Bank to Edge, and this has to be a move that was made due to an injury to Ken Kennedy that now some say will have him on the shelf for a few months. They give the MITB to Edge, and there are already rumors that he will use it asap after the Undertaker – Batista match on Smackdown that will be taped tonight to capture the World Heavyweight title. Bizarre indeed.

The show had 7 matches, highlighted by the win by The Great Khali that now earns him a title shot vs John Cena at Judgement Day. The win over Shawn Michaels was strange in that it buried one of the hottest programs the company has had in a long time with Cena and Michaels, and quickly rushes in Khali vs Cena, a match that clearly is going to do awful in the PPV buyrate department.

The main event was not much, as Randy Orton took on Cena, and the match suddenly was ended when Khali came out and took Cena’s belt. Cena had Orton in the STFU, then let it go, ran up the ramp and got clocked by his own belt. Then, as if we there should have been more, the show went off the air. Again, a strange ending to a strange night.

You also had the new IC titleholder, Santino Marella, top Chris Masters in a rather weak match, Umaga beat the Highlanders 1 on 2 as now the Highlanders are complete jobbers. Hardys beat the Worlds Greatest Tag Team where after the match Cade and Murdoch shook their hands, meaning next week they will turn on them. Then the Edge win over Kennedy to earn the Money in the Bank.

The decision to give Edge the briefcase means a few things – A: Kennedy is out for awhile, then will retun face. B: Edge has a title belt coming, possibly within days. C: The WrestleMania main event with Kennedy will now have to come another way then just using the MITB to snag it.

So where do we go from here? Cena vs Michaels III is now on hold, as I think they may be lining up something huge for SummerSlam. With the 60+ minute match on RAW two weeks ago, I think an Iron Man could be coming – just a hunch. Khali vs Cena is going to be bad, no, make that REALLY bad. And in terms of SmackDown, I think we are going to see Batista vs Edge, or a move to get Edge on that show as the top heel for Batista. Again, just a hunch.

In someways though, the company cannot be totally to blame here. It seems the major injury to Undertaker that will shelf his world title and keep him out till about Survivor Series really has thrown the company for a loop. Almost like losing your starting quarterback, or in the case of Taker being the #2 guy right now in the company – how bout the MVP running back?

ECW tonight is going to be RVD now vs the threesome of Vince, Shane and Umaga. I for one think that routine is getting old, and you can bet that Bobby Lashley has an ace in the hole for Judgement Day and the 3-on-1 rematch to win back the belt. You can sense that the writers are working overtime trying to right the ship of all the moves that have taken place over the last seven days, some I understand, others – you have to simply shake your head at.


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