Settle Down; Triple H-Khali is Filler for One Month

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The countdown to SummerSlam starts in earnest tonight on RAW, and already there has been quite a bit of chatter about the SmackDown title match between Triple H and The Great Khali, and basically what the heck is the company thinking on this one? Our co-editor John Sefcik is so distraught about this match he’s told me he’ll boycott even watching it and will take in a restroom break or slurpee at the Conseco Fieldhouse when we’re there for the event.

While I am not that upset about the booking, it’s rather clear that the direction they are going in right now is to take the Hell in a Cell match between Edge and Undertaker and push that to the main event status for the card instead of the title match, which all in all is a good decision. There is also something that has not been talked about in these circles, and that is I would expect HHH to miss at least one TV taping as wife Stephanie is due to give birth any day now, and it’s rather hard to have a heavy build to a program with the champ not at TV.

This (HHH-Khali) is clearly a program that should last a month until we put the Edge-Taker feud to rest, then get back on track with a heavier title program for Unforgiven in September in Cleveland. Not to start looking too far ahead, but there is already that underlying tone to a HHH-Taker match somewhere down the road, as described on the WWE’s website a few days back.

For now, suffer through a quick Khali-HHH title match at SummerSlam, and then watch as the company puts that to bed and moves on to bigger and better soon thereafter.

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