Santino Marella Arrested on DUI Charges

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From PWInsider

WWE’s Santino Marella was released from custody at 11:35 am today after posting $500 bond. According to several sources, Marella was pulled over early this morning after an evening out drinking with ECW star Kevin Thorn and several WWE developmental talents.

Marella failed several roadside tests given to him by authorities and was booked for driving under the influence. He was later tested for blood alcohol levels, which results returned at a level of 0.061. That number is below the legal limit in Florida of 0.08, but since he was tested several hours after being taken into custody, he is still subject to prosecution on the DUI charges.

Marella’s arrest, complete with mug shot, has been picked up by gossip news website World Wrestling Entertainment has not publicly responded to the arrest.

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