Summer Heating Up and Some Great Feuds Coming with It

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As John pointed out in our RAW recap, there are some programs that are starting to shape up the summer, some of which they will likely throw at us at the “Great American Bash” while others will be slowed up till “SummerSlam.” The program with John Cena and HHH I think will be a three-month affair, with a singles match this month, next month, and then I predict a three-way with Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam.

The Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels feud will no doubt be a very good one, and this one very much could also be a three-month feud, ending with some special stip match at SummerSlam. While the draft is going to change a lot, one thing seems for sure – the Undertaker will be back for the big summer show, and from all indications we are hearing, it’ll be him and Edge, again, for the strap at the biggest summer PPV.

Pretty much a foregone conclusion that you can see the newest heel group of young stars being built, as Ted Dibiase Jr. will get some other younger stars, including Cody Rhodes to join the group, and we think that DH Smith could also be a part. Randy Orton’s name came up, but I can’t see that, but if you want another 2nd generation star in that group – why not Natialie Neidhart to add a little female flair?

So there’s plenty to look forward to as we continue along this summer. While the main event feuds appear set, the lesser 2nd tier feuds and where they lead us could be just as much fun as well, which is rare for this time of the year.

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