The Death Watch is On

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I guess we should be organizing a candlelight vigil for Hornswoggle, as the reports out of the WWE keep getting worse and worse on his injuries sustained after the steel cage match Monday night. Of course there have been no reports in the legitimate press, only through the WWE, so all of this is most likely fake. Not sure why they felt they need to take this story line to the extreme like this. Granted it was losing momentum, but we really don’t have to make people think the little guy is fighting for his life. Whats next? Footage of Finlay by his bed side praying the Rosary so little Horny makes it through another night.

Speaking of injuries, Mysterio is showing a ton of heart by continuing on with his biceps tear. Tonight he found himself in action against Chavo as part of revenge courtesy of Vickie. He put on a decent performance again, despite fighting through the pain. He came up with the win, but Vickie was not done yet as she summoned the Big Show to finish the job. And that he did, all the while targeting Mystreio’s bad arm. No doubt that will add fuel to the fire with his ongoing battle with Floyd Mayweather.

The start of the show was great tonight as Edge addressed the crowd on how he will be the one to end the Undertakers undefeated streak at Mania. He even threw in some good jabs on how he was the one responsible for first weakening Mysterio, then finally putting him out. Great job of putting heat on himself in Rey’s hometown. Of course when you challenge the Dead-man, expect bad things to happen. And that they did as the lights went out, the Undertaker arrived in the ring, and cleaned house of Edge and his two cronies Ryder and Hawkins. Let the build up to Mania begin.

Shelton Benjamin would qualify tonight for Money in the Bank as he defeated Jimmy Wang Yang. This match may have been the best of the night courtesy of the athletic display these two guys put on. It looks like Benjamin is finding his A game again, and may be returning to his status of being a big time player in the WWE. Most insiders agree he has the talent to be one of the top guys, but for some reason the work ethic just has not been there. Hopefully it works this time, because I don’t think he’ll get anymore second chances.

Yang’s partner Shannon Moore took on big Daddy V tonight and I’m not sure why. I really don’t get why Yang and Moore are not tag champs yet. As i keep repeating week after week, they are wasting the individual talents of Morrison and the Miz by keeping them as champs. There really is nothing to be gained by them having the belts. We know Yang and Moore work great in the ring together and being champs would boost their careers, especially Moore, who has yet to develop and persona inside the company as of yet.

In other tag action Jesse and Festus took on new resident tag jobbers Deuce and Domino. Since losing the belts these guys have turned into the whipping boys for any one else entering the tag ranks. And of course they would lose again tonight. The only real major news out of this match was Cherry has a new hair cut. Pretty exciting stuff.

And since were in the realm of excitement, we saw Kane and Khali tonight. No wait that’s not exciting, but hold on, Chuck Palumbo was in action tonight. He basically beat the daylights out of a jobber as Michelle McCool watched in horror. That’s right, this isn’t exciting either. Sorry, I tried my best to make the report of these matches somewhat entertaining. You have to feel bad for Kane though. Just imagine showing up each week and seeing you have to work with big stiffs like Khali and Mark Henry. Kane was once a big name in this industry and even was champ, however brief it was. And now he has to work with these lumbering oxes and try to make them look good. Hopefully he’ll get rewarded somewhere down the line with either a US or ECW title shot.

OK, I found a way to bring some excitement back to this post. Let’s talk about the Batista and MVP match. Again these guys looked good together and you have to think they will meet up somewhere after Mania when MVP is done with his supposed planned program with Matt Hardy. Let me be the first to say I can’t wait, heck I would even say toss Hardy aside and have these two go at it at Mania for the US title. And that is saying allot coming from me. Last year at this time I hated both of these guys and was dreading seeing there matches at Mania. Especially MVP, who I felt would end up in a quick match against Benoit. But both of these guys proved themselves big time at Mania, despite losing their matches, and used it as a spring board to bigger things. I really think this is the direction they need to go in. First, as of right now Batista is in limbo as he has no feuds or programs as of this moment. Second, I feel MVP could use the boost of going against Batista instead of Hardy. Matt’s great and all, but he doesn’t have the draw of Batista and most likely never will. Unlike his brother, I don’t see much success for Matt as a singles performer as he lacks charisma big time.


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