WrestleMania 25 in Review – Match #3 – Chris Jericho vs The Legends

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We’re three matches in at WrestleMania 25 in Houston, and the latest match saw Chris Jericho take on three wrestlers – Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper. But wait, Ric Flair and Micky Rourke also got involved. Here’s our thoughts:

Matt Loede – Okay, the end of this was about as bad as the womens battle royal. It easily could have been Ricky Steamboat vs Jericho, as Snuka and Piper added nothing to this. Snuka looked like a 70-year-old woman, and Piper has not taken very good care of himself over the years. Steamboat could wrestle today, on a very limited basis of course. As far as Jericho winning, that was what should have happened.

As for the post-match junk, Flair getting a beat down to set up Rourke coming in was expected. To be honest, the Rourke getting in the ring took WAYYY too long, and no one in the crowd seemed to care. Then Y2J took a cheap, and a miss of a punch to bite the dust? This was pretty bad. At least the two worst matches of the night are now done.

John Sefcik: The legends match was a roller coaster of feelings. It’s always great to see legends like Piper and Snuka, but when they put on horrible performances it only sullies our great memories of these guys. These two guys had no business being in this match as they struggled to sell anything that seemed like a match. Ricky Steamboat on the other hand showed he stills has what made him a Hall Of Famer. This match would have been good if it was just him and Jericho. In a way I hope they can get at least one more match out of these two. But with the inclusion of Micky Rourke knocking out Jericho, I think this is buried. The ending of Rourke’s lame punch on Jericho only made this match worse. Even the fans didn’t seem to care as Rourke came to the ring. I’m not sure what the price would have been, but the WWE should have paid Stone Cold whatever the amount was in order to get him involved to make this match legendary.

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