WrestleMania 25 in Review – Match #8 – WWE Title: Triple H vs Randy Orton

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We’ve come to the main event at WrestleMania 25, as Randy Orton and Triple H go at it for the richest prize in the sport. Here is our breakdown on the main event at the 25th anniversary of Mania:

Matt Loede: Can you say – underwhelming? Yes, I’d have to say that this match is the weakest main event of Mania we’ve seen since the HHH-Chris Jericho sleeper in WrestleMania 18. While it was an okay match, it clearly didn’t have the fire that the two intended. When is the company going to learn that when you have a match like Taker-HBK, that you know is going to dominate – go with it as the main over a lackluster title match that no one at the end of the day cares about? That should have been the case here.

I am really worried about Randy Orton. He has a great look, has been given great program over great program, yet I don’t think that he is anywhere near the top heel that this company needs, or thinks they are getting. Here’s the problem – he’s not over. He’s too bland, and frankly, he’s rather boring.

That came out again here, and that’s a shame. The company insists on throwing us HHH, who at the end of the day is a better heel, and now he’s in a program with a heel that no matter what he does – no one cares about. It’s a shame. They just ruined a main event of a card that clearly should have ended with HBK and Undertaker.

John Sefcik: A nice way to end the night. A solid physical match between two great competitors. This was a good match for Orton, despite the loss, as he is silencing the critics who feel he cannot be a solid champ. Granted he did not walk away with gold tonight, but he has shown he can match up well with top dogs like Triple H. Of course we know this one does not end here and look for Orton to possible get a win to keep the fire alive. It should be fun seeing Orton’s Legacy crew face off against the McMahon clan.

This would even be a fun angle to spice up the upcoming draft by trying to split up Orton, Rhodes and DiBiase. Or have them move to a new brand and attempt to take control of that show. Either way there are plenty of plot lines you can use for them and Orton can carry the story. There should be plenty of controversy coming out of this match as Orton will complain Triple H used the sledge hammer to get the win. It should be interesting to see who will be the new leadership on Raw and how they react to Orton’s accusations. We know there will be a rematch at Backlash, but how many more times will these two meet. I see this one going for a few months with a couple of title changes. We need our McMahon storyline and Legacy will prove to be great adversaries.

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