Backstage Original Plan for Rourke vs Jericho

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The original plan for WrestleMania was to be Chris Jericho vs. Mickey Rourke in some form of boxing match, with Ric Flair in the corner of Rourke. That may still happen, but if Rourke ends up not coming back into the angle, there are two ways the angle could go. The first is the Jericho vs. Flair match, which seems to be already teased. The second is a match between Chris Jericho and Steve Austin. Austin reportedly says Jericho is one of the few people he would trust to have a match with at this point, and also, it would play into Jericho’s recent promo work, where he made fun of “washed up Hall of Famers.”

There is belief among some that Rourke is just holding off until the Academy Awards are over on February 22nd to see if he wins an award for The Wrestler.

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