Cena Back in at Mania

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Surprise, surprise, surprise, John Cena finds himself back into the main event at Mania. I think we all saw this one coming after the result last night. I’m just surprised to see it become a three way match with Orton involved. Not sure why they’re keeping him around, since most feel he is a horrible champ. Also I don’t see how it could help Randy as he will be lost in all the Cena and Triple H hype. But it looks as that’s what we’ll get at Mania. So for the next 41 days there should be plenty of talk and in ring action between these three gentlemen, with Triple H throwing in a couple of pedigrees as guest ref tonight for added spice. Should be a good main event at Mania as I’m not sure who will win, except I know it won’t be Orton. Randy if you want to prove all the negative naysayers, here is your chance.

The Money in the Bank match starts to develop as we saw both Jeff Hardy and Kennedy qualify tonight. Kennedy pretty much had his way with Val Venus and ended that one quickly. Snitsky on the other hand made a pretty good showing for himself. He had control early in the match, but of course he would lose to Hardy. Again Snitsky took on big name competition, held his own for awhile and really did not look that bad. I have to think they will try to push this guy into some type of major role. I’m not sure what that will be, or even if he deserves it or can handle it.

Candice Michelle reappeared tonight just in time to distract Beth Phoenix and allow Maria to win. And according to her contract, as read by Santino Marella, she now can pose in Playboy. Like that was not going to happen. Poor Santino, it looks like his days with Maria are over.

Hornswoggle finally got a taste of tough love via the Steel Cage. Finlay tried his best to help his little buddy, but JBL showed up to help Vince discipline his son. While being handcuffed Finlay was forced to watch Vince give the belt to little Horny, then witness a good old fashion beat down, JBL style. It finished with JBL throwing Hornswoggle into the cage via a fireman’s carry. It looks like this should start a feud between Finlay, Vince and JBL. Finlay vowed revenge as McMahon stated he was sorry to Horswoggle and JBL looked on as they attended to the fallen buddy of Finlay.

Big Show showed up tonight to apologize for his actions last night and personally said he was sorry to Floyd Mayweather. Of course his words were not what they seemed and he called out Mayweather as Floyd left the ring. This lead to Mayweather punking out the Show and added more fuel to this fire. As the rumors are starting to predict these two in some form at Mania, this only helps to keep those fires going. Not a bad coup for the WWE and it starts to give them some positive press after all the controversy surrounding the Chris Benoit saga. Nothing like putting some positive spin on the organization going into your biggest event of the year. Proof again why Vinny Mac is one of the best promoters in the game. Just keep it to wrestling Vince, no more XFL’s please.

Big time congrats go out to Rick Flair, who was announced tonight to be joining the Hall of Fame. This is a honor long over due for the greatest man to ever enter the squared circle. My earliest memories of attending events include seeing Flair at Public Hall here in Cleveland, and believe me he brought it each and every time in these dark matches in these small venues. Look for his induction to be a weep fest as Flair himself has been emotional the past few years when other wrestlers going into the Hall have referenced him in their speeches. And Rick, let me be the first to say that’s all right. Take your time and be as emotional as you please. You have given so much to this sport you deserve to do what ever you please. Thank you for all the memories you have given and will continue to give. All together now, wwwwwhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo!!!!!!!

And finally I wish to retract my comments from last week about Paul Burchill. Reconsider being a pirate, because the incest angle is lame and you stink.


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