Fiesta Fiasco

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The Chavo Guerrero Champion’s Fiesta was crashed tonight by CM Punk. Punk clearly will not go quietly as the former champ after getting screwed in a no DQ match by an Edge spear. Punk crashed the party tonight dressed as a Mariachi band member and hit Chavo over the head with a guitar. So it looks like we will see these two reignite a feud. Should be interesting to see if Punk ends up with the belt as I see him winning Money in the Bank at Mania. Perhaps they will forgo a ECW title match or maybe Punk will win it back an drop it before Mania, much like he did for the Rumble. In other Punk news he beat Elijah Burke clean tonight to gain momentum again. And I feel its safe to say Burke’s days are done. He had been missing from ECW in the past few shows and tonight lose pretty much buried him.

Did I miss a memo, but when did Kane join ECW. I know they are sharing talent, but this guy has been on the show for at least 2 months non stop. I feel it would be a good move for him since he really doesn’t have much on Smack Down. Tonight he took on Shelton Benjamin and won via count out. I would say Benjamin looked good against some real competition since joining ECW. Look for him to start making a run for the gold soon. He may end up in a match at Mania for the ECW belt, not sure who he will face, but it seems logical.

The rest of the night featured Kofi Kingston beating another jobber, but he does look impressive. Can’t wait till he gets his first major match. He brings allot of energy to the ring and it should be fun watching his development. The tag champs Miz and Morrison had the honor of beating on Colin Delaney this week. Though this week Tommy Dreamer came to the ring to rescue the kid. Will we see Dreamer and Delaney team up? Who knows, who cares. And finally Victoria put a whooping on Kelly Kelly tonight. Let me just say Victoria’s Widows Peak move is devastating. I’m really surprised she does it on other females as this move would be crushing on male competitors. Then Layla and Lena Yada came in the ring to kick the beaten Kelly. So that was ECW again folks. If you missed it, you really didn’t so don’t feel bad. Till next week gang.


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