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Jim Ross is back with, yet, another jam packed blog entry. In this entry, Ross speaks on Bobby Lashley’s return to the ring, Jericho’s return to RAW last week and much more. Below are several highlights:

Jim Ross On Jessica Hatch Signing With WWE: I have no idea if or when eliminated diva Jessica Hatch will be signed by the WWE but I do hear she has the desire to be a WWE diva. I would suggest that she head to Louisville and learn to wrestle and to work on her verbal skills and then watch the negotiation process begin.

Jim Ross On Chris Jericho’s Return To RAW: I was extremely pleased to see the return of Chris Jericho to Monday Night Raw. The build up and the final presentation was nicely done. The live crowd in Ft. Lauderdale, albeit some what laid back throughout the night at times seemed to come to life when Chris made his appearance. The introduction of any talent is crucial but not as crucial as the plan going forward on a weekly or regular basis. It looks like we may be heading for Jericho vs Orton at Armageddon if I had to make a guess. Jericho is a great addition to the locker room. Of course, being an “old schooler” I don’t believe in bringing any talents, rookies or veterans, into a locker room who are going to be disruptive of which Jericho is definitely not. Chris is a credit to the business.

Jim Ross On HBK’s New DVD: I just got a copy of the new HBK DVD and I plan on watching as soon as time permits. I am anxious to see it especially since I was working in Shawn’s first territory back in the 80’s. From those insiders that have seen the DVD, I am told it is really well done.

Jim Ross On Matt Striker’s Future: Matt Striker’s career, in my opinion, is as a manager and not as a wrestler even though Striker’s mat skills are just fine. It just seems to me that Striker can fill a much needed void as a wrestling manager and become a big time player with the chance to be around for a long time and to not leave the business with the physical ailments that often time plague some grapplers.

Jim Ross On Bobby Lashley’s Return: I don’t know if Bobby Lashley will be back for the royal rumble or not as he is still rehabbing his surgically repaired torn labrum. I don’t expect to see Lashley before the first of the year based on how his rehab is progressing. It is a slow process to say the least. Wrestling at the rumble would be great for Lashley and the fans but mother nature and Lashley’s own pain threshold will have a lot to say about when Bobby returns. Lashley’s surgery was a major deal.

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