Raw is Jericho

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So the worst kept secret in wrestling history is finally reveled tonight and it looks like we are starting it with a bang. It looks like we are going to rush right in with the Ayatollah of RocknRolla against the Legend Killer. And in my opinion not bad at all. If any individual in sports entertainment has the charisma to be thrust into a title run it is Jericho. The evidence was seen tonight as he had the place rockin and pumped to the max. Let’s not forget he was the fist undisputed champ, and in my opinion the best candidate for it. The WWE needs some fresh blood for the run up to Mania and Jericho provides it with the boost it needs. The WWE as been lacking a good talker out of the ring since the Rock, and Jericho definitely has the ability to fit the bill. He is part rock star, part wrestling superstar and is nonstop energy. Don’t know if he will be able to main event at Mania, but should be able to keep the great wave of energy wrestling is going through right now up until the Rumble. If he is not the winner of it he will definitely be one of the main players. His addition just adds yet another superstar to a great roster of healthy talent.

We also saw tonight the beginning of a HBK and Kennedy feud as it seems Kennedy is also gunning for Orton. If they go into a program with these two I feel it should be great for Kennedy. I love this guy and see him as the cocky heel wrestling needs. What a great way to raise his profiles with a classy veteran like Michael’s. You know these two will also be kept in the picture for the title and probably keep this going for the next two pay per views.

For some reason it looks like the want to push Snitsky with Umaga, Triple H and Jeff Hardy. We all know for months in the past they were really pushing the Snitsky promos on all the brands but never really did anything with him. So it looks like his time has come, but I’m not sure it will last more than a month. If they keep him in this program his talent will either rise to the top or be poorly exposed. To put it bluntly, its make or break time for Snitsky and my money is on break.


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