Sid Vicious Talking More About WWE Return

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Former in-ring star Sid Vicious is talking to the WWE according to an interview that Sid did on Live Audio Wrestling the other day. Vicious told the show that he is hoping for a WWE return, and that he is in talks with Vince McMahon about coming back. Right now Vicious said that they are “trying to work things out.” He has had a couple of runs in the company, his biggest coming back when he headlined the most forgettable Wrestlemania, WM 13 in Chicago when he lost the WWE title to the Undertaker.

Vicious also was in the co-main event of WM 8 when he was a heel and went up against Hulk Hogan in a match that was billed as Hogans final match. He was to enter a high profile feud with the Ultimate Warrior, who was returning at that show, but instead bailed as it started and left the feud to the always memorable Papa Shango (Charles Wright, aka The Godfather). If Vicious were to actually come back, his role would have to be protected, as at 47 years old and with plenty of injuries, they have to be careful not to overuse him.

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