Spoiler News on the Story to Get the IC Belt off Rey Mysterio

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Because the following story contains full details of the Rey Mysterio angle on this week’s SmackDown! telecast, those looking to watch the show with a clear frame of mind when it airs this week are urged not to continue.

After Rey Mysterio went public with his frustration about the WWE Wellness Suspension, his backstage heat with officials escalated to the point at which numerous disciplinary actions were considered. The feeling was that since Mysterio criticized the company without interview authorization, it would set a bad precedent to let him walk away without a punishment.

Possible punishments discussed included lengthening his suspension term and removing his mask on television. Those ideas were ultimately fleeting, however, as WWE creative quickly turned to peaceful solutions for writing Mysterio off television–one idea even called for Mysterio to keep his Intercontinental title and miss the thirty days due to a storyline “injury.”

Ultimately, WWE decided to have John Morrison defeat Mysterio for the belt on SmackDown. Even that can be taken as a concession on WWE’s part, however, as Morrision has tremendous credibility with the veterans backstage–the feeling was that Mysterio would be more comfortable losing his belt to Morrison than Dolph Ziggler, who had been feuding with Mysterio for the latter part of the summer.

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