Wednesday WWE News and Notes: Mania Tickets; Guerrero, Long, RAW, Adams

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* Seems like the WWE has been amping things up as of late as we are entering that stretch where they really push things starting with Survivor Series all the way to WrestleMania. The company put their Mania tickets on sale Saturday, and while some sites were talking instant sellout, you knew that was not going to happen. They did do very well, with about 46,000 tickets sold from what they reported, and yes, if the card is as strong as usual, we’ll probably see a record breaking crowd of about 75,000 by the day of the event. For now, they have to simply push storylines in that direction to make sure the show comes through with John Cena watching on the sidelines.

* The planned storyline for Vicki Guerrero to go heel on SmackDown has been dumped. The word is with Kristal Marshall gone, the storyline will not work, as it involved Marshall and Guerrero giving Teddy Long Viagra and that is what caused him to collapse during their SmackDown wedding. Then the two women would run the show. For now though, it appears that Vickie will simply be a face GM that stands up to men.

* As far as Long goes, no word on his return, but they are already saying that he will be in the picture at some point. They will likely never mention Marshall again, and simply let the wedding angle from awhile back simply fade away, like they are known to do when a character is gone.

* RAW from Bridgeport, CT on December 10th will be a three-hour show.

* Reports say that the release of Brooke Adams last week was not much of a shock, as she did not have the best backstage attitude, and that she came across wrong to a lot of people in the company. It reportedly was a culmination of things that led to the companies decision to say “so long” to her last week.


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