ECW 1/9

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Tuesday night ECW was another bland effort from the “C” team of the WWE, and once again, they shortchanged the fans with a bad finish to a main event that could have been good. The second week in a row of Bobby Lashley vs RVD for the ECW title ended with another non-finish as this time Test came out, hit both guys with a chair, and the match was basically called at that point. Lashley appeared to get the better of the match overall, but in the end, it was just another waste of time, which has been the case on ECW for some time. With Test being a heel that they have wanted to push for awhile, it looks as if they may be setting up some sort of three-way between Test, Lashely and RVD. This could lead to Test winning the belt, which was given some consideration before they gave it to Lashley at the PPV in December. From there, you could have a Test-RVD title match at Mania, with RVD finally getting the belt back, which is what the fans really want to see long term.

The rest of the show was for the most part a waste. They blew a great run by C.M. Punk and allowed him to lose, middle of the ring, to Bob Holly. What a way to end that run with a clunker. Punk has been beating Holly all over the country at house shows, so having him lose to him on TV with Holly’s finishing move makes no sense to me whatsoever. Of course now we are going to see rematch after rematch, which seems to be the way things are booked on ECW. You see two guys go at it, and then for the next 2-3 weeks the same two guys fight, no matter the outcome. Remember Punk’s first program with Shannon Moore? It seeemed like they fought like 4 weeks in a row.

Speaking of Moore, he finally made it back on TV, only to lose in a squash match to Kevin Thorn, who for some reason has won two weeks in a row. Kahli made his last ECW TV appearance, beating Tommy Dreamer one last time in a Hardcore Rules match. Of course they protected Kahli a lot in this match, and had him take just a few shots from Dreamer, who was basically laid out at the end. Davari was with Kahli in this final ECW match for him, but its not certain that he will make the move with his man over the RAW. He was not with him on Monday nights show, but could either stay with ECW as a full-time wrestler, or make the move with Kahli next week.

They had a promo with the “return” of Kelly Kelly for next week. Excuse me for saying this but, was she ever gone? Again, no earthly idea of what that was supposed to represent. Sandman and Burke had a minor exchange that was basically supposed to set up an upcoming program, but of course it was just a five minute way to get Sandman on to do his entrance and have Burke involved in something. Sorry to say that after some decent stuff in the late summer, this show is getting more and more painful to watch every week.


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