WWE Womens Champ Beth Phoenix Talks about the Divas

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– IGN.com recently conducted an interview with the WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix. She makes note of WWE bringing in Divas despite marginal experience. “There’s more and more girls out there that want to be part of the business,” Phoenix told IGN.com during a THQ media event this past week at Florida Championship Wrestling headquarters.

“As far as the experience level of some of the WWE divas, there are girls who get rushed along in the process. They’re beautiful and we want to get them on TV as soon as possible.” She added, “Sometimes that doesn’t leave for a lot of time for wrestling training. This isn’t a business that you can pick up in a few weeks. This takes years of commitment, dedication, passion, and hard work. With that is WWE’s road schedule that doesn’t provide for enough in-ring time for the divas to develop. With our current grueling schedule, sometimes the way our girls come into WWE, it’s with less experience than the training the guys get.”

She also commented on internet criticism regarding her character’s appearance in the Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 video game. Phoenix said, “If you go read the comments on boards, there’s a lot of criticism on my character. ‘Oh, this isn’t quite right. That’s not updated.’ And to me, that’s so cool because it shows that people really care about this game. … It’s really been eye-opening – I get to interact a lot with WWE fans – and gaming fans are just as dedicated and devoted to the game.”



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