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Reel Interesting Night
June 9, 2008

When Raw rolls into Oakland, Calif., on Monday night, Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho has high hopes that Shawn Michaels will be there to join him on a special episode of the Highlight Reel.

In recent weeks, Y2J has been sending mixed signals. During his Judgment Day Match against Michaels, Jericho chomped at the notion of taking out The Showstopper. Then, at One Night Stand, Jericho willed Michaels on in his losing effort against Batista. And last week, Y2J even dedicated his match against JBL to a recovering Michaels.

What exactly does the Intercontinental Champion have in mind by inviting HBK onto the Highlight Reel? And exactly which Chris Jericho will show up?

On a more moneyed note, Mr. McMahon explained last week that he’s poised to give out $1 million of his own money to show his appreciation to loyal Raw viewers in McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania sweepstakes. Register and tune in for your chance to win a share of the Chairman’s loot.

Have you registered to win Mr. McMahon’s money yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

In other Raw action, John Cena defeated Jeff Hardy last week and won an opportunity to face Triple H for the WWE Title at Night of Champions. In the lead up to the pay-per-view, how will these two opponents prove their dominance? And which of them will capture the momentum in the run-up to Night of Champions?

If all that weren’t enough, don’t forget the seismic shift that’s sure to occur in two weeks when WWE holds its brand-wide draft.

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